Reopening Sweetwater City Hall

Effective Monday, June 15, 2020, Sweetwater City Hall will reopen for business with certain limitations in effect to control against the spread of coronavirus.
1.     Visitors must wear face masks. Visitors without masks will not be permitted inside City Hall.
2.     No more than three (3) visitors at a time shall be permitted to congregate in the public areas of the first, second, or third floors.
3.     Hand sanitizer shall be provided near the elevator doors on the first floor and must be used by all visitors prior to boarding the elevator.
4.     The first-floor receptionist shall be responsible for enforcing the above rules.
5.     Visitors shall be permitted in the secure areas of the second and third floors only with the express permission of the Mayor or the director or supervisor in charge of the area which the individual is visiting.
These rules may be amended from time to time. We must follow these strict measures of health and safety to serve the public.