Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Carlow Park ‘Tot Lot’ Playground


The City of Sweetwater Mayor Jose “Pepe” Diaz and the City Commissioners hosted a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for the ‘Tot Lot’ Playground at Carlow Park. Mayor Jose “Pepe” Diaz and the administration have spearheaded the initiatives to revitalize and restructure all parks in Sweetwater. The primary goal is to inspire physical activity, a better quality of life, and to beautify our neighborhoods. Carlow Park is located at 10601 SW 5th St, Sweetwater, FL 33174 next to the Mildred and Claude Pepper Senior Center, and across from Sweetwater Elementary.

The enhancement project for the playground at Carlow Park includes state-of-the-art features such as the latest technology in shade structures, an expanded playground area, an increased swing count, safety bollards, and updated EPDM flooring. EPDM is a type of synthetic rubber commonly used in various locations due to its excellent weather resistance, durability, and flexibility. EPDM is a safe and child-friendly material, providing a secure surface for play areas with its non-toxic and durable properties. It provides a durable and slip-resistant surface that can withstand exposure to the elements and heavy foot traffic, making it a suitable option for outdoor recreational spaces like Carlow Park. Notably, measures have been taken to eliminate toxic mold from the previous playground flooring.

Mayor Jose “Pepe” Diaz and the City Commissioners are dedicated to enhancing Sweetwater’s residents’ well-being and quality of life while prioritizing safety and health.