Sweetwater Western Annexation

December 2, 2021
Sweetwater Western Annexation
Sweetwater, Florida (December 2, 2021) – Today marks a historic day for the City of Sweetwater as the Miami-Dade County City Commissioners voted to approve our annexation application resulting in the further diversification of our City’s economy, by welcoming several Fortune 500 companies. 
The City of Sweetwater has expanded the geographic continuation of its current borders by approximately 2 miles west of Dolphin Mall. Since the incorporation of the City of Sweetwater back in 1941, the City has expanded exponentially. This annexation is one of two that have passed in the last decade.
Businesses and property owners in the newly-annexed area will benefit from closer, more accessible governmental services, such as a reduction in police response time and a positive interaction with the Sweetwater Police Department ensuring that all issues and concerns will be addressed as a top priority.
The City of Sweetwater’s current annexation efforts began in 2013, and since then the City has sought to diversify its land distribution by including undeveloped industrial land for future economic development. This annexation will spread the cost of services and infrastructure needs in the community as well as allow the City to reduce its millage, thereby lessening the tax burden on working-class residents, while maintaining the same level of police and other municipal services.
“At the beginning of my term, I had the vision to see the City grow and progress exponentially. Today, it brings me much joy to see this vision turn into a reality. I thank the Miami-Dade County Commissioners for approving the annexation application and supporting our vision. We are prepared to service the newly-annexed area and provide the utmost municipal services,” said Mayor Orlando Lopez.