Trees and Yard Preparations

Hurricanes winds can cause severe damage to your property, therefore, it's crucial that you prepare beforehand. Proper planning can help you protect your homes.


Things to do prior to a hurricane:

  • Prune branches: If you have a lawn, prune the dead or dying branches
  • Bring small plants inside and find a secure place for big plants before a storm to avoid them from being thrown around with the wind and damaging your property or adjacent properties
  • Turn off the sprinkles
  • Contract a certified arborist. Ask to see their license, registration, or insurance if necessary.
  • Do not remove more than 25% off a canopy from its normal growth
  • Avoid cutting the root system. The arborist will determine if it is safe to prune the roots
  • Ensure to dispose of all tree branches and logs to prevent them from becoming projectiles during a severe storm

Things to do after a hurricane:

  • Inspect your home
  • Pick up leaves, twigs, and debris from your lawn or backyard
  • Make sure that there is no debris or trees that may have fallen during the storm in a power line. Contact FPL immediately for service