Home Safety Preparedness

You must first determine the risk and strengthen your home before a storm. Make a plan and review your insurance policies beforehand. In flood zones, consider flood insurance. The State of Florida is prone to hurricanes and it's critical for homeowners to plan ahead of a storm.

Preparing your home before a storm: 

  • Survey your home (Create a list of valuable items in your home and the approximate cost)
  • Install shutters or secure windows
  • Sliding glass door should also be covered in case of a hurricane
  • Cut tree branches or trees
  • Secure garage doors to avoid them from being pulled by high winds and becoming potential projectiles
  • Repair or replace damaged fences
  • Inspect the roof
  • Secure patio furniture or bring them inside
  • Move your car to a secure location
  • Secure loose rain gutters and shutters
  • Tie-down any sheds, swings sets, and other large items.