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TIGER Project & University City within the City of Sweetwater, FL

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City of Sweetwater
Robert Herrada / Director of Operations & Senior Center
eMail: rherrada@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
Tel 305.221.0411 Ext. 131

The University City Prosperity Project and TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) grant consist of a series transformative improvements that will drastically improve quality of life and infrastructure in both the City of Sweetwater and Florida International University (F.I.U.). Pedestrian-oriented improvements, including a signature pedestrian bridge over S.W. 8th Street that will connect FIU and Sweetwater, mixed-use development, community transit, intermodal stations, feeder bus services and transit stops, will integrate Sweetwater and FIU segments of the University City community. More frequent transit use, efficient intermodal transfersand safer pedestrian -oriented transit access will further enhance this multi-modal urban environmentin combination with an advanced and comprehensive electronic system of way finding: Informed Traveler Program and Applications (ITPA). An initial phase of ITPA will deliver a comprehensive awareness of transit services, traffic conditions and parking availability to the UniversityCity community. It is expected that this big data and community- centric guidance system will leverage TerraFly geospatial database technology, Pirouette Software parking crowdsourcing technology, ALTA super -resolution aerial photography, and IBM Smart Cities platform. By improving the built, natural and electronic environment, University City announces its intent to evolve into a prosperous 22nd Century community that competes well in a very competitive global economy despite the impacts of a warming planet. As an innovative approach to higher education and community connectivity, UniversityCity is a first-of-its-kind effort that serves as a model for other sustainable community development projects throughout the nation.

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