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Important Forms: Public Works

Contact Us: City of Sweetwater Public Works Department

1701 NW 112 Avenue. Suite 103
Sweetwater, FL 33172

Tel 305.221.0411 Ext. 3507

Click on the form name to download the form. All forms are available for download in .PDF Format. If you do not have the free Adobe Reader installed, please visit this site, http://get.adobe.com/reader/, to download and install the required software to view PDF files.

Form Name File Size
Driveway Permit Application Checklist
Application For Concurrency Management
City of Sweetwater Public Works Permit 2019 979 KB
City of Sweetwater Contractor Registration Form 2014 237 KB
Application for Administrative Approval of Waiver of Plat & Tentative Plat 521.5 KB
City of Sweetwater Water and Sewer Information Guide 2014 159 KB
Stormwater Utility 210 KB
Implementando un Servicio Publico de las Aguas de Tormentas
201 KB
Covenant of Construction within right of way (Corporation) 127 KB
Covenant of Construction within right of way (Individual) 68 KB
Public Works Department - Permit Fees 470 KB
Right of Way Utilization Q&A 338 KB
Public Work Department - Preconstruction Meeting Agenda 430 KB
Drainage and Flood Complaint Form 2014 254 KB