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Sweetwater Administration

The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the City and, as such, is responsible for the management and administration of the city government. It is the Mayor's duty to direct and supervise all departments of the city, respond to inquiries of the City Commission, insure that all city laws are enforced, prepare and submit the annual budget, sign all contracts on behalf of the City, and co-sign all checks drawn on the City's accounts. The Mayor's staff handles citizen complaints and special requests. In addition, the daily operations of the Mayor's Office include intergovernmental affairs, economic development, administration of grants and public relations. Agencies working out of the Mayor's Office also provide a variety of socially-oriented services including job placement, immigration assistance and guidance to residents facing hardships.

With Florida International University directly south of the city's boundary, the Mayor has worked to establish a partnership with FIU in many areas beneficial to both entities. FIU is assisting the city in amending its comprehensive master plan and preparing cost projections for its annexation project. Both of these projects will also benefit FIU, its students and faculty by providing more attractive housing and shopping benefits geared to the educational community.

With the main campus of FIU on the city's south boundary and its School of Engineering on the city's north boundary, FIU has approached the city to modify its transportation plans to include a direct walking link from the main campus to the School of Engineering for those who walk from campus to campus. Plans have been discussed to position businesses such as sidewalk cafes and internet cafes, restaurants and bookstores along the walk.

The City Clerk's Office is part of the Department of Administration and is responsible for the city's records, provides clerical support for the City Commission and all City boards and committees, issues licenses and permits, receives passport applications, provides notary services and handles all requests for city records and for general information about the city.

The City Clerk attends all meetings of the City Commission, its boards and committees, and prepares, maintains and attests to official records of all actions taken at those meetings. The City Clerk also serves as the Director of the Department of Administration, co-signs all checks and contracts and provides administrative assistance to the Mayor. In conjunction with the County Supervisor of Elections, the Clerk takes part in the preparation and operation of the City's biennial elections.

Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

Contact Us: Administration

Mayor Orlando Lopez Tel: (305) 221-0411
Fax:(305) 123-1270
Chief of Staff Ralph Ventura Tel: (305) 221-0411 ext. 1205 Fax: (305) 123-1270 rventura@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
Public Information Officer Sandy Antonio Tel: (305) 221-0411 Fax: (305) 123-1270 Cell: (786) 559-1312 pio@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
City Clerk Carmen Garcia, City Clerk, Director of Administrative and Clerical Services Tel:(305) 485-4542 cgarcia@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
Deputy City Clerk Juan Carlos Llera Tel: (305) 445-6604 jllera@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
Executive Assistant to Mayor Yaima Vega Tel: (305) 221-0411 Ext. 1203 yvega@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
Social Services Supervisor Yaima Vega Tel: (305) 221-0411 Ext. 1211 yvega@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
Constituent Services Yaima Vega Tel: (305) 221-0411 Ext. 1211 yvega@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
Licensing Administrative Clerk / Occupational License Alexis M. Adams Tel: (305) 221-1225 aadams@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
Passports Amelia Espinosa, Manager Tel:(305) 207-3343 amespinosa@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
City Engineer Eric Gomez Office:(305) 455-6585
Fax: (305) 221-2541
Economic Developer / Grants Administrator Ian Vallecillo Office: (305) 485-4537
Fax: (305) 223-1270